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Schumann | Dvořák: Concerti For Cello & Orchestra

Carmine Miranda is one of those rare and uniquely talented individuals who can truly make a cello speak. If you're one of those folks out there who feels that words and lyrics are necessary in order to enjoy and appreciate music, all you have to do is hear this guy play and you'll instantly change your mind. If you're curious about how this fellow has become so accomplished at such a young age, all you have to do is take a glance at his web site (link above). Miranda began studying music at the age of seven (!) at the Carabobo State Music Conservatory in Venezuela. The rest of his biography is likely to blow you away as well. But if by chance you aren't impressed by all the accomplishments, then the music on Schumann | Dvorak: Concerti for Cello & Orchestra will blow you away for sure. On this album, Carmine is joined by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra. The album presents two lengthy compositions: "Concerto for Cello & Orchestra in A Minor, Op. 129" by Robert Schumann and "Concerto for Cello & Orchestra in B Minor, Op. 104" by Antonin Dvorak. These recordings feature flawless, impeccable performances by both Miranda and the orchestra. Over an hour's worth of pure classical bliss. Top pick. (*****)

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